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Frontier International is joint venture company with Nutrien Ag Solutions®. Nutrien Ltd, operating in Australia through its wholly owned subsidiary Landmark Operations Limited (Landmark), officially acquired Ruralco Holdings Limited (Ruralco) on 1 October 2019. The combined business is known as Nutrien Ag Solutions.

Frontier was established in 2013 as an Australian Pty Ltd company and holds an Australian government issued licence to export livestock.

Frontier International Agri is the 100% owner of Frontier International Northern Pty Ltd.

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Frontier has direct and preferential access to the Australia-wide group of livestock agencies giving it near unmatched sourcing breadth.

Frontier maintains direct relationships with many of Australia’s largest and most respected cattle producers giving it access to some of Australia’s best and most consistent cattle.

Within the Frontier team there are staff dedicated to sourcing and livestock selection to ensure that the cattle delivered are to the specifications of its individual customers.

For sourcing livestock from New Zealand, Frontier has teamed up with PGG Wrightson, which is one of New Zealand’s largest agribusinesses with a national network.

Frontier has sourcing capabilities in several South American countries via key relationships it holds with in-market partners.


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Frontier has exclusive access to industry leading shipping infrastructure.

Frontier has access to logistics infrastructure of varying sizes allowing it to best match the individual needs of its customers.

Frontier maintain preferred relationships for backgrounding and quarantine facilities to underpin its supply chain.


Frontier is committed to best practice animal welfare management at every point of contact throughout the live export supply chain as stated in our Animal Welfare Policy.

While all staff take responsibility for animal welfare, Frontier does have a dedicated resource overseeing compliance and animal welfare across the supply chain.